Really! anyone who wants to live a successful world and the hereafter must be clever-clever protect yourself from the environment.

Once someone is having bad luck. Once these people were menghadpi exam, but unfortunately ... when the test was about to complete the task he has no spirit. This is because relationships are less awake. Did you know? why he was not excited?

My friends are not around to support the success of her. When he faced the test, his friend said: "uh, youíre doing? Mending work done after the play ama gue ... anyways Iím also in college, but very gitu2 ga. Ripe berries only in the immediate tasks but do ..."

kata2 that this is not so ignored, but his friends attempt to make it very persistent pessimist. When trying to do the work, eh ternyata ... bully instead play music with very loud volume with the argument again setres .. "Let ga setres, so pake music". benar2 very disturbing ..

Finally, "the poor" decided to go from the annoying friend.

New protected from bullies now friends with superhuman meet pessimistic ... huh .. disgusted!

Indeed he is a trainer, but when talking to "the poor" does not really inspire kata2nya to be a motivation for him in completing the task.

From there can take the lessons that when we have the desire to succeed, make haste to introspection, immediately move away from friends who made pessimistic. Well .. if you have the ability to change other people, ga is nothing wrong if you try advised or change prickly pessimistic human being is more useful ...

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